Creating & Managing Your Account (Web/iOS)

Get your settings up to date fast and easy so everyone knows who you are.

For Web App

Starting an account is easy. Go to to get started. Open up a new teacher account and add your first and last names, along with an email address and password (these will become your log-in details whenever you come back to use the app).

Once you’ve signed up for a new account with Wabisabi, it’s time to put your personal touches on it. Your settings option can be accessed anytime from any screen in the top right corner.

In your settings page you can edit your name, email, and upload a suitable profile photo of yourself. Save your changes when you’re all done.

To change your photo, click on the camera icon on the right, in the bottom corner of the larger image on the left. You can then choose a photo to upload from a location in your own files.

For iOS App

Download our app from the App Store (our app is called “Wabisabi: Learning Amplified”).

Wabisabi app store

appstore wabisabi

After it’s installed, just tap the button “Get Started FREE!”.

wabosabi get started

Depending which type of user you are (learner, teacher, family member), tap the appropriate button.

wabisabi user

Now that you’ve selected one of those listed roles, then you need to fill in the appropriate information. After that, then click the “Sign Up!” button. 

user details

Congratulations! You’re now ready to begin using our exciting app for learning purposes.