Managing Co-Teachers

Everybody needs a hand now and then. Here's how to support your own co-teaching support group.

This article covers how to add and remove co-teachers from any one of your classrooms.

Adding a Co-Teacher to Your Classroom

Add a cooperative or support teacher to any of your classrooms with these steps. Start by switching into the classroom you would like to add a teacher to. Click the “settings” tab on the nav tab.

side nav

Search for a teacher to add, and select the teacher to add them. You can searcher teachers by first name, last name, or email.

search for teacher

When you locate the teacher you want, click on their name and then confirm the addition when prompted.

add teacher

Removing a Co-Teacher from Your Classroom

To do this, switch into the classroom you would like to remove the teacher from. Click the “settings” tab on the nav tab, like you did when you added teachers.


Hover over the image of the teacher you would like to remove from the classroom. A small ‘x’ button should appear in the top right hand corner. Click the x button and confirm the removal when prompted.

remove teacher