Creating & Using Class Codes

Generate unique codes for your learners to log in to your classroom with, James Bond style.

Class Codes generally serve 2 purposes:

  • To allow your students to log into your classroom, without having an email and password or a personal account
  • To allow your students to join your classroom, if they already have a personal account

On the Web App

In the Classrooms section of the app, switch into the classroom you would like to generate the class code for. In the Side nav, click the “Class Code” tab. 


A window will open up displaying your current class code and its expiry time. To expire the current code and generate a new one, click the “Expire now and get new code” button. 


Note: A class code cannot be generated if you are in “All My Classrooms.” You must be in a specific classroom

On iOS

To generate a class code on your phone, tap on a classroom icon while in that classroom to bring up a code. 


Note: Class codes begin an expiry countdown the moment they are created, and they last for 2 hrs. If you want to generate a new code, click on "Expire Now and Get New Code."