Adding/Removing Learners

Populating your class with your awesome kids

Once you have a classroom built on Wabisabi, it won't be complete without a list of learners. Here's how you add them quickly and easily.

Adding New Learners

1. Access a classroom

When you're inside any classroom, the sidebar navigation is always available. You'll want to click on "Learners" to add new kids.

add learners

2. Add students by name

When you click on "Add Learners" you'll be given the option to put in first and last names for each of your learners below. Once you're done, click on "Add Learner." You'll see a running visual display of all your learners as you add them.

learner list

3. View learner list

Once you're done adding learners, simple click on the "X" in the upper left corner. You can now see all your new learners with the achievement indicators to the right of their names. Clicking on each name lets you navigate to their personal portfolio and achievement history.

Removing a Learner from Your Class

Begin by navigating to the learner’s tab, inside the classroom you want to remove the learner from.

xed out learner

Hover your cursor over the learner’s name. This will display an ‘x’ button on the right. Click the ‘x’ and confirm removal from the classroom.

remove learner