Creating Portfolio Entries With Media (iOS app)

Take a deeper dive into creating portfolio entries that contain articles such as links, images, videos, drawings, and compositions.

As a Wabisabi user, how can you quickly and easily make a portfolio entry to show to the rest of the classroom? We’ve made it easy to make portfolio entries for all to see. Now let's take a more detailed look at how to use every option for building a media-rich portfolio as evidence of learning.

Both iPhone and iPad screenshots are shown below.

1. Links

If you select this option, it will quickly display the screen below.

link screen iOS


link ipad iOS

Then you can enter a Web address of your choosing (or paste one in if you have one saved in your cut/paste memory). Once you press “next” (in the upper right corner), the screen will change to the one below.

new link iOS


new link ipad

By pressing ‘post’ (in the upper right corner), you will post the link to your portfolio/feed and it will be displayed quickly on your screen. Alternatively, at this point, if you tap the small grey ‘+’ button on the lower right side, you can also add other types of articles to the entry you’re currently working on.

add media iOS


add media ipad iOS


2. Gallery

If you select this option, the first screen will open a photo picker where you can go through your device's photos, and choose what you’d like to upload.

gallery iOS


gallery ipad

At this point after choosing an image, you can either tap ‘Post’, or you can add more to this composition.




After that, the application will go back to the homescreen, and refresh the feed to show your finished composition.



3. Camera

If you select this option, you can post either photos or videos as compositions. The first time you choose this option, two popups will display—one for using the camera, or if you choose video, one for using the microphone.

NOTE: If either of these are declined, the Wabisabi app won’t be able to take photos or videos.

access camera

use microphone

Once you’ve gone through one or both of those popups, you’re ready to post either a photo or video with just a quick snap.

video iOS

video iPsd

From here, you can retake the photo if you like, or post it as is—either way, you're all set! It will appear in the class activity feed for others to view and comment on.

retake or post photo iOS

retake or post photo iPad

4. Drawing

If you select this one, you can draw a picture to share with the class. The screen will just have a blank canvas, with some tools at the bottom which include:

  • a pen
  • a highlighter
  • a pencil
  • an eraser
  • a set of 6 colours

On the upper right hand corner there’s a photo button you can use for choosing an image from your galleries, and you can then draw or make notes on top of it. For this example, we’re just going to make a simple little drawing of our own.

drawing canvas ios

drawing canvas ipad

After you've completed your drawing or sketch, just tap on 'next' whenever you're happy.

drawing canvas ios copy

drawing canvas ipad copy

The final step to adding this to your activity feed is to just tap ‘post’.

image_preview copy

5. Composition (Notes)

If you select this option, you’ll first see a screen loaded up with a keyboard, and an area where you can enter in notes, essays, poems, or whatever you feel like adding.

notes window iOS

notes window iPad

Enter in whatever you need to write, or whatever is on your mind. Once that’s done, just tap ‘next’, and again, you can decide if you want to add other items to this composition or just tap ‘post’ to add it to the activity feed for all to see.

new note iOS

new note iPad

Here is your finished note, all posted up and waiting for feedback.