Creating & Updating Classrooms

Building classes your learners can call a home

create a classroom

Creating new classrooms and updating current ones on Wabisabi is a breeze. Follow the steps below—you’ll see what we mean.

1. From the Dashboard, navigate to “My Classrooms”.

When you first log in as a teacher you'll be taken to a page with a sidebar, and at the top you'll see a link for "All My Classrooms." Clicking on it will take you to a list of options where you can either access all your existing classrooms or create a new one.


This button will take you inside your main classrooms section.

2. Click the current classroom name in the navigation bar (left hand side)

Coming from the dashboard, the label will likely show “All My Classrooms,” though it may show the name of one of your classrooms. Click this tab to show a list of classroom options available to you.


3. Click “New Classroom”

From the pop up window, click the first option “New Classroom.” This will walk you through creating a new classroom.


4. Name your classroom

Give your classroom a name in the input provided. When you are satisfied, click “Next.”


5. Select classroom year(s)

Select at least 1 year level from the provided list of years. When you are satisfied, click “Finish and Close.”


That’s it; you’re done. Your new classroom is now ready for you to add custom lessons and also add learners and achievement standards.

Update an Existing Classroom

1. To do this, simply navigate to the classroom you wish to edit, and click the “Class Settings” tab in the side navigation bar. Update any classroom with the following features:
  • Name and year levels
  • Add/remove co-teachers (the primary contact—the person who created the classroom—cannot be removed from this view) 
  • Archive classroom
Handy Tip: You can remove a classroom from your list of active classrooms and from activity in your “All My Classrooms” feed. Your data is not deleted by doing this, and the classroom can be re-activated at any time.