Creating a New Lesson Plan

Here is where your great learning adventures begin. Build your lesson plans fast and easy—here's how.

At some point, a teacher on Wabisabi will want to begin writing custom lesson plans, and it's super-easy to do. Let's look at the steps below.

Access Lessons on Dashboard

Begin at your dashboard, and in the menu at the left click on Units. Doing this displays a list of all your current lessons if you have any, along with the option to Create Unit. Click on this feature to get started.

units list

The first thing you'll be prompted to do is to pick a classroom for your unit to be aligned to. All your current classrooms will be displayed for you, and you can pick one and click "Next".

choose classroom

Next, you have two choices—you can either copy an existing lesson from your library, or you can start from scratch.

choose lesson format

Copying a lesson from your existing library will present you with a list of your current lessons, so you just need to pick whichever one you want to work with and click "Create".

existing lesson library

The other option, which is to create a lesson from scratch, presents you with a number of options to fill in as you begin writing. You can add and edit titles, standards, sections, background images, year level, and you can even choose a section based on one of the Future Fluencies.

new unit features