Adding and Editing Students in a Classroom

Easily navigate to any of your classrooms and add students in a snap, and also edit their details.

adding a learner to class

Adding Learners to a Classroom

From your main navigation screen, choose All My Classrooms. This will bring up a list of all the classrooms you’ve built on your account.
Next, choose the classroom you’d like to add a student to.
Once you’ve picked your classroom, choose Learners from the side navigation bar.
A list of the current learners in your classroom, if there are any, will appear. From here, choose Add Learner in the upper right corner.
Now all you have to do is simply add the learner’s first and last name. When you click on Add Learner and then exit the window, your new learner will appear in the student list.

Managing and Editing Learner Profiles

If you place your cursor over a learner to highlight them, you’ll see three horizontal dots to the far left of the learner’s name and icon. Clicking on this will take you to that learner’s details screen.
From here, you can edit the learner’s name, update their photo, their display name, email, and also view which family members are attached to this particular student if family have been invited to view their profiles.