Adding/Editing Achievement Standards

Add, edit and remove standards to help keep an eye on how your learners grow and progress.

In this article we cover how to add achievement standards and edit them, as well as adding/removing achievement standards in your classrooms.

Adding/Removing Achievement Standards in Your Classrooms

Go to Settings > Classroom Management > Achievement section in your settings.


Click on a category to display all the standards for that category. Filter standards by year by clicking the “Filter by year” checkboxes (optional).

standards categories

filter by year

Achievement standards will be displayed in rows down the left side of the table. All your classrooms will be displayed in columns across the top of the table Check the checkbox for the achievement standard and classroom in the table, to add the standard to the classroom.

To remove the standard from that classroom, simply uncheck the checkbox beside it. Adding a standard to a classroom will also add all its indicators.


  • Check the “add all” checkbox (top row) to add all visible standards to a particular classroom
  • Uncheck the “add all” checkbox to remove all visible standards from a particular classroom

Editing Achievement Standards

You can easily edit your existing standards in a few simple steps. 

Go to Settings > Classroom Management > Achievement in your settings. This is the same place you create your categories and your standards. 


Next, hover over the achievement standard you want to edit. An "edit" link will appear beside the text.

edit list

Click the link and make your changes in the fields provided. When you're finished, click “save and close.”

edit window